Saturday, February 5, 2022

Think Pink Lost Coastal Challenge

Just a quick card really. I’ve stamped the flourishes with a very old Stampin’ Up stamp. The butterfly is a My FavoutThings stamp. Again Stampin’ Up for the flower using a punch to cut it out. 


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Still love making cards

So, just recently I had a phone call from a tea shop in Canberra asking me to make some more tea themed cards. I had previously sold to them before but hadn't heard from them for quite some time and figured they weren't interested in buying anymore. So I was very pleased to hear that they were wanting some more. I put together 20 cards and took them out and they chose 10 cards and paid me for them. A week or so later they called wanting more and so today I took out 13 and again they bought 10 from me. They woman who bought them was saying how they have become very popular and people ask about them all the time. So that was a lovely compliment for me today. Very thankful to be able to be creative and get paid for it.

Well it's been YEARS...

Hello there,

It's been a long time, but I finally remembered I had a blog, and that now was a good time to start blogging again. So much has happened and is happening that I thought I should get going. I'm enjoying being in my own home again after living in rental accommodation for the last couple of years while I built my dream home, my business, and the ministry I've been called to. So let's catch up a bit.

I now live in Cooma, in the Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia, not Canberra, our beautiful Capital. My late husband, Shaun, and I had planned to have a B&B, as we felt God was leading us into ministry using my gifts in hospitality. However, after he died, I was left unsure of what I would do, and if I could do this still on my own. It took many years to come to the realisation that yes, I can still do this and begun to seriously look at perhaps returning to my home city of Adelaide, but couldn't leave my children and two granddaughters. So I began looking at properties within an hour of Canberra knowing I couldn't afford to do this in Canberra. I found a property that I couldn't afford in Cooma, but it allowed me to think seriously of this country town, and so the search began for either a property or land that I could purpose build a B&B. After only a short time I found 5 acres, just 10 minutes from the Main Street of Cooma, 5 minutes from the river, an easy drive from the south coast, the snow fields or Canberra. It's been a very long, slow process of getting the build done, and it is still not complete but I am in, with my eldest son, and we are loving it.

So here we are, feeling blessed, knowing God's timing is perfect even when it is so different to ours. I have seen God lead on this project. I have felt the pain of not listening when I should have, and going my own way. I have seen Him pick up the pieces and move me gently, slowly on. I have no doubts that this will happen, and hopefully soon, but am learning to rest in Him until then. So be encouraged when God calls you to ministry, He will grow you, & equip you, and provide for you. This I have learnt to be true.

2 Corinthians 9:8, NIV: "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Summer is Gone.....

Although summer has officially gone, it still feels like summer, but a milder fresher version. So bearing that in mind I created this set of cards and hopefully inspired the girls at our monthly get together to put their own mark on their cards with my 2 original cards. I used Stampin' Up's stamps, markers & papers to create these. The papers were the retired Designer series, Subtles Collection, cut to fit on the SU note cards with envelopes. Both of these are a great way to buy essentials for card making. There is such a variety in the colours and patterns that it will keep you going for ages. I love the note cards....a great size, and a convenient & economical way to create. The flowers were created by using a stamp set called FLOWER SHOP, which gives you a variety of flowers to choose from....BUT the best news is, it has a matching punch so you don't have to cut them out by hand!!! Being Stampin' Up means the stress of colour matching inks & papers is taken care of & we were able to use the exact colour marker pens as the papers. I just love that!

These last two are the original two I did before the class and the others were made after the get together....inspired by the creation of the other ladies who came on Monday night.
I chose this card as we move towards the 2nd anniversary of my husband's passing which is one week today.....he was an amazing friend & I miss his sense of fun and laughter so much.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Fresh Start....

Well, time has whizzed by and it has been a good break but I am keen as mustard to get back into crafting and blogging. Last year I joined up with Stampin' Up and have finally started having classes here in my home....well not so much classes as card get togethers....I don't so much want to teach but facilitate opportunities for creativity. So the first Monday night of the month is when it happens here at my place at 7.15pm start time. I make up cards for inspiration, and am there to demonstrate any new techniques, but I love seeing what is created with the product used.

Here is the first lot of cards I made to inspire the class.

The papers I have used for this cards are a gorgeous 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch Fresh Prints Designer series paper stack. I loved the colours and thought that they were fairly gender neutral so could make cards for blokes as well as women using these papers. The banner stamps and dies are also in our catalogue and made putting these cards together quick and easy as was the ribbon.

For the first time in 2 years I have entered cards into the following challenges:

Monday, May 6, 2013


I know this sounds a bit new agey, but this is my focus now. I have been inspired from all directions. I started juicing at the recommendation of one friend, Adelyn Ing, and my dear brother-in-love, Sean McGrath. Then, I found the Juicing Vegetables page on facebook, and get daily inspirations to try different juice combos for different health benefits. If you would like to check it out, here is the link:

Raw food dessert.....healthy & Yummy!!
So much colour & flavour
 Juicing & Smoothy demonstrations

Another couple of friends, children of Smith & Stephanie Streatfield) also have blogs and promote health by being either sugar free &/or raw food. I was invited to a raw food party the other Sunday. Wasn't sure what to expect, but wow....the focus at that party was vegetable juicing and smoothies.....just where I was at! Inspired further by the raw food meal we shared after. If you would like to find out more and see more ask to join the fb group Rawlicious Rawstars

I am also trying to drink more of the Kangen water. I have the system so why have I not been using it to its full advantage? Silly I guess!!! The very high alkaline (11.5) water is great for washing all those nasty oil based chemicals off your fruit & vegetables if I can not find organic whatever I need. Water just can't wash the chemicals off when they are oil based. The 9.5 alkaline water is what I drink and need to drink more of, and the acid water run off is GREAT for cleaning, especially the strong acid to kill bacteria. Contact me if this also interests you and I can send you a DVD for free, showing you the benefits of Kangen water.....CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

Lastly, I cannot thank God enough and for those who have held me up in prayer for the last 12 months plus. God is faithful and I was able to grieve, journey and grow because of His presence in my life. Returning to wellness and awareness I have been able to spend more time with God, but He never left me and sometimes I only got through the days because He carried me. Thank you to all of those who prayed for me and continue to pray for me, but most of all, thank you to my Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus & the Holy Spirit who never give up on me and lead me through the valley of the shadow of death.

So in all of this I am hoping to get stronger, fitter, healthier. I have set myself some major & minor goals and look forward to sharing with you all now healthier, tastier food recipes as well as my craft. Keep watching!


I am pleased to say that the fog that has surrounded me for so long has lifted. I am unsure why this is. There are a few things that have happened that I think I can say have contributed to it a bit. 1. We had Shaun's memorial and the burial of his ashes. This has bought some closure I think to his death. With just a few close friends and some family we gathered at Woden Cemetery and planted Shaun's ashes into one of the garden beds there. It looks lovely and peaceful. Now I just have to finish organizing the plaque for him. 2. I was inspired to take up vegetable juicing. This has given me heaps more energy every day and has led me to look at further changes I can make for a healthier me. Trying to introduce more raw food (especially their desserts) into my diet, exercising, and more time with God. 3. My mum was finally able to come home from 6 months rehabilitation from her stroke a month ago and so my eldest son, Caleb & I were able to drive over and help her settle into her home again. We had to work physically quite hard almost everyday. Getting up earlier, rearranging furniture, decluttering (had a few tears with that one!) and shopping & cleaning. It was good for us both to focus on somebody else....we went to bed tired but satisfied every night. We have tried to continue this now at home to get our own home sorted and finished off. So all is good for us. God has been the major focus too. Devotional time, prayer, & church all key factors in getting back on track.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

About Time....

Wow, can't believe it has been so long since I posted, or even bothered to photograph any of the craft I did last year. I did do some although not nearly as much as in previous years & as for blogging, just couldn't get into it. So here goes, new year, new Blog.

After having the worst year of my life, I am so glad to be in 2013! I cannot tell you all that has gone on, but for some of you you would have traveled with me on my fb wall and know what went on, you will I am sure understand. For those of you who don't know, just trust me I do not have enough time or energy to get you up to speed.

Keep your eyes peeled as I get crackin' on with some challenges & gifts, pages & cards as I begin again to enjoy the world of Blogging! Take care now.

 Got back from 3 months overseas the day before my dear friends Pam & Paul's here I am in my dress she had ordered on line the day before, that I squeezed into, coming down the 'aisle' and then below is a photo of me and my mate Robbie, Pam's son....Dec 20 2012.
Debby McGrath

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Up, Up & Away

It has been such a long time between blogs. I am sorry for to those who had been following me. I have really struggled up and down in my grief as I am sure you can appreciate. I am hoping to get a few blogs up in the next week or two because after that I am off overseas with my mother for 63 days. It has all been a bit rushed for me, and I have made some decisions which now I would not make but I know my mum wants to do this so that I can have something good happen this year as it has been a really tough one. Not only loosing my best mate / husband, but also having no access to my granddaughter and having other very tough issues happening in my family. In saying that, God is good and I have been blest in lots of ways and have had much support from family and friends who have been there constantly. My mother & I have been joking lots about our trip down the Rhine. We have a balcony so I have told her she had better behave or she may end up in the Rhine not on it!! lol! The highlight always for me is family and I am looking forward to catching up with family I have not seen since I was 10 so 40 years!! We are also catching up with friends, and hopefully making new ones.

So keep your eyes open for updates and I will also try and do the odd blog on my trip....if I can figure out how to with the ipad!! Will have to have some quick lessons when I finally get it!

Happy altogether last Christmas. My mum is holding my granddaughter.