Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gone but always remembered

In the early hours of Tues 13th of March the tubes that were keeping my dear Shaun alive were taken out. In just 12 short minutes he reached the end of his journey here on earth. In 40 minutes his lungs, liver, kidneys, eye tissue and heart valves were on their way to change peoples lives. He had been surrounded by all his family except one brother & two nephews who all had the chance to say good bye whilst he was able to hear & see them. 28 of us gathered around his bed, the youngest only 7. He is resting now, waiting for the trump to sound, and for his creator to take him home to heaven. Rest in Peace my best friend, my husband, Shaun Alfred McGrath you will be remembered always for your steadfast love of the Lord, for your generosity, for your wacky sense of humour, your honesty and loyalty.