Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Lift Me Up....

I found these great wings in a cheapy shop the other day, and having seen the Layers of Color sponsored challenge on Stamping Sisters in Christ I knew what I wanted to do with them. So last night while watching Master Chef Australia I went to work. I was hoping I had enough black card to be able to do this challenge, and even found some with the lovely blossom stamped in white on it, so trimmed it down and ran it through the cuttle bug and was happy with the effect. The rest was just left over card stock and of course, the lovely Layers of Color Fleur favourite! Here is my entry, hope you like it! Although the photos have come out with a purply/pinkish hue the card is BLACK & WHITE which is what is required for the Stampin Sisters in Christ.

This is what's up for grabs from Layers of Color!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I did it again....

I can't believe it....I did the wrong challenge again for Triple T website....well I can believe it. We are under enormous stress in our house. As many will have read earlier, my husband had a 2nd brain bleed 4th June. We came home and have had to look for another house, get our house ready to sell. All going well but slow, then I get a call 2 weeks ago from my younger brother, David to say that Dad has been given only days to live. So we have to travel to Townsville a 1797.27 km distance (1116.80 miles). As there is no family there, my great fear was Dad dying alone. I had thankfully organised to swap my work on Thurs for Wed and had only one client as the other one was away so did my work Wed while leaving Shaun to organize the best way for us to get up there and when. Also we were due to sign contracts on the new property on the Monday, building inspection on the Friday and we had no idea how long we were going to be away. When I got home on Wed just after 11am Shaun had organized flights for us that day for 3pm. So we packed, made all the required calls and found someone to take us to the airport. We got up there, picked up a hire car, (wanted something small and economical, but no, they didn't have anything left so we got upgraded to a Toyota Aurion....nice but a bit heavy on the fuel!!) drove straight to the hospital. Dad looked very frail and weak, I was so very upset. We were hoping he could hang on til Saturday when David would join us.

 We left the hospital about 8.00pm and still had nowhere to stay & had had nothing to eat. So we looked at the list of places I had printed up from the Internet of being close to the hospital. Stopped and got a pizza on the way to one of them, and luckily managed to get a room. It was too expensive to stay on at but we didn't care the first night we were just worn out. Next morning we got up and looked for somewhere else and found the Riverside Convention Centre which was only 5 min from the hospital and we were able to get a room in the 'motel' for a good price which included a lounge / dinning area and a kitchen. We had our own shelf in the fridge so that was great as we could cook for ourselves.It also included this nice outdoor area.

So we booked in for the next 4 nights. Unpacked, did some grocery shopping and then headed up to the hospital. I then contacted the church where Peter attends and is a part of the choir. The choir master Sam came to visit as did the priest, Rosemary. John, his housemate also came everyday. The social worker at the hospital told us that if Peter did recover (the doctors had told us that he had several infections as well as pneumonia and a blood infection which was usually fatal) he would have to go into high care and that we should clear out his room in the group house he had been living in so that the landlords could rent it out. So that was our week in Townsville.....up to the hospital every morning, back to our accommodation at lunch time, then over to Peter's place to clear out his room, which proved a very difficult task. Sam thankfully & kindly offered under his house and in his house for storage. So we washed as much as we could in the time we had there. Dad slowly but surely began to mend. Once he was no longer critical, David decided it was unnecessary to travel up to see Dad, and left us to it. Finally a week after getting there, we had to leave as Shaun's health was deteriorating and we were both exhausted. Through all of this we constantly tried to contact a friend there, but she was away so left messages for her the last being we would hopefully see her next time....LOL!!!

So here we are another week further on, and I rush to make a late sample as a DT member Triplicate Trials Tuesday, and make the wrong one.....AGAIN!! So another rushed one for this time and am ahead for next time. Here is my sample.....hope you will check out the others on the website and join in!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here comes the right challenge....

Most of you would have read how I did the wrong challenge last fortnight for one of the DT I am on. So thankfully I was ahead this time over at Triplicate Trials Tuesdays as I had another family crisis with my dad on deaths door my husband & I had to jump on a plane and head to Townsville (north Queensland) a 2 & 1/2 hr flight. I am pleased to say he is stable but will now have to go into care, so we spent a week up there in the heat packing up his belongings and getting rid of a lot of stuff he had managed to collect over the years......(we are now very inspired to declutter in a major way......told my mother to do the same as I was not wanting to do this down the track for her...LOL!!!) So here is my sample for the Triplicate Trials Tuesday challenge. This time I decided the layout really suited a scrapbook page. The flowers were actually made using Stampin' Ups die cut....I love it and will have to order one as soon as my SU consultant gets back from Italy!! These flowers were actually left over from a cardmaking class I did with Ann Craig, but instead of using them on the cards I didn't get made up I used them thanks Ann, they are inspirational. I see a lot of uses for this die cut, can't you???

Other Challenges entered are:

Monday, July 11, 2011


CHECK OUT the gorgeous new stamps at Layers of Color. They have a blog hop running to win some or all of the new stamps. Be inspired by the DT who have all done beautiful cards. LOVE THEM!! Gotta be in it to win it!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Triplicate Trials Tuesdays....

Well,  what a drama.....I really got bemuddled this week when I set out to do my piece for Triple T as a member of their DT. I had missed the 2nd challenge altogether being in Melbourne and was determined to get back on track, but headed up to Sydney end of last week so my dear friend could tile our laundry & kitchen floors with us out of the way. I checked in with our DT leader and she was happy for me to be late, so got back from Sydney and threw together the page, (had it all ready in my mind) a bit during the day on Wed and a bit more that night, and just the title to do with the Cricut in the morning. I did not want to look at the Triple T site before creating my own piece so after rushing down to my friends to have the page photographed, coming back and editing it, attaching it to an email I finally looked at the site, only to find I had done the wrong challenge!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!

So today, I took Shaun up to the hospital to the rehabilitation gym, sat in the cafe and firstly wrote up my menu and shopping list and then designed my card in my head and scribbled it down on paper. I then ducked over to the Scrap 'n Stuff store at Richardson got the right coloured card stock and headed home. It didn't take long to put it together. I used the song by Rich Mullins (Christian Artist) 'Here in America' as my inspiration. I was toying with the idea of rebelling and doing something Aussie, but I might have not been included in the challenge.....LOL!!! I always love vintage so tried for a slightly vintage look. Hope you all like it. PS You will have to wait til the next challenge to see the other entry!! Please, enter into the challenge and become a follower, it is amazing to see how everybody has done something so different despite the triple challenge of colour, layout & theme.

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CCEE Stampers - Electronic Cutters (the oval was cut with the cricut)