Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aint she sweet?

Our baby granddaughter, Alexia (better known as Lexi) is growing up fast. At 4 months old she was already in size 0's!! She is soooooo very long. These photos here were taken last week at home. Mum has gone back to study and so dad had her on his own, so Tam (daughter) & I took the opportunity to pop over for a visit. She was asleep when we got there as you can see in the first photo, with Rosie I think they said her name is, her doll, that Uncle Tris & Aunty Carissa bought her when she was born. The cut little pink jacket was a gift from our dear friends, Denis & Marilyn also when she was born. Luckily for us, she woke up and was chatting to us, laughing and glued to the book I had bought her and read to her.

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  1. Aw, she is adorable! What a wonderful treasure to have her close so you can spend time with her and watch her grow! Praying for your family!


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