Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Shaun....

Today was Shaun's 53rd birthday. He didn't have a great start....getting up at 6am to get over to the medical centre for some blood to be taken.....very early start for him. Then on to work....which is a bummer as he only works 2 days a week now, and today was a work day.

The family all came over for dinner tonight. I made the Thai Salmon parcels (cooked on the new barbecue) and a warm potato salad, and another salad which had fresh beetroot, roast pumpkin, cucumber, baby spinach and baby rocket, goat feta, finely sliced red onion, sliced cucumber & roasted pecans in it. The dressing was vinegar, oil & Maple syrup. It was yummy, although the boys had the BBQ set at 180 degree F instead of it just wasn't we finally got to eat about 7.30pm!!

Our son, Caleb came over with his daughter Lexi, as well as his partner. Our younger son, Tristan with his wife Carissa, and of course, our daughter who lives here with us, Tamazin. It was lovely. Because we are still unpacking I was unsure if we had some candles, but Shaun said he'd seen some so he went to look. The only ones he found as you will see were number ones....but funny enough, they actually added to 53!!m I had made a gluten free, dairy free Lumberjack cake. Here are a few photos I managed to get on my phone.

 Tristan & Lexi

Lexi with her Poppa

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