Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Worrying Week

I got a call from my brother Paul on Saturday morning, sounding a little worse for wear, and seeing that he rarely calls me, I immediately become worried. He has called to tell me that our mother was rushed by ambulance to hospital in the wee hours of the morning with severe chest pain. He then informs me that tests show it is not her heart, but that they & mum are concerned it may be a clot as it has only been a few weeks since she had knee surgery.

I get off the phone and call family who need to know, then try and call my mother. She answers the phone but is so doped up on Morphine that she can hardly talk, but she still has a enormous amount of pain. It would seem that she started getting severe pain at about 10pm but put up with it (never do this anyone, you have chest pain you call an ambulance!!) until 4.30pm!! The hospital did scans which did not show any clots, they then said it was double pneumonia which didn't make any sense, as she was well right up to when the pain started. I finally found this out about midnight Saturday.

This is when it is so hard being so far away from family. I was so worried, and had to just wait it out. On Sunday when I called she was talking much better and her pain although still there was at least manageable. The hospital also thought that it was strange that if it was pneumonia that she was well and that it came on so quick.....so they decided to scan again for clots, & again without success.

Monday she sounded even better although still having pain, & by today Tuesday, they had finally got a diagnosis......now I can't tell you what it is as I have never heard of it and neither had she. However, it is an infection that attacks between the heart and the lungs and comes on very fast. She is on intravenous antibiotics as well as oral antibiotics and they hope she will be well enough to go home on Thursday.

This is good news & I am scabbing a ride over with friends who are driving to Adelaide on Friday and coming back on Monday.....the only bad thing with that is that I have to go in their Chrysler 300C....what I call an ugly car....LOL!!!....but beggars can't be choosers!! I am grateful for the ride, and consider it a real blessing that I can go and see mum without the expense of a flight. Praise be to God for good friends and perfect timing. x

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