Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Shower

Last week we held my daughter-in-love's baby shower. With just over two weeks to go it was cutting it fine, and had to be held on a week night as there are just no weekends free between now & when the baby is due. It was held at our daughter's place and started with dinner so that it wouldn't be too late a night. Everyone contributed to the meal and there was tons to eat!! Once everyone arrived we started in on the games, the first being a sheet of baby photos of celebrities that they had to guess who was who...I had got 6 out of 9 on line the night before, but everyone seemed to struggle and there was lots of helping each other out on that one.

 However, they were all a bit more ruthless with the pin game....everyone was given a safety pin and every time you heard someone say "birth" "labour" or "baby" you could ask for their pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the night won.....I lost mine in the first 5 minutes as I explained a game...LOL!!!

Finally we had a baby food taste test. There were 4 different kinds and you had to write down what you thought they were.....and disgusting didn't count!!

It was time to open presents and as you can see from the photos below, Lani really enjoyed herself, and she was very thankful for all the wonderful goodies and money the received. I think we all had a great time but especially the mother to be.

The lovely mum to be.....Lani x x

The dinner much food, yum, yum!!!

Mmmmm, yummy chocolate fountain....some people just can't move away!!!!

So many presents.....

And it should look something like this on the baby....oops not allowed to say that....LOL!!

I love of the many toys Lani I mean the baby will enjoy!!!

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