Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We have travel insurance!!!

I am thrilled to have found out today that we have travel's been a bit of a journey due to Shaun's pre-existing health conditions (an AVM which has already bled once) & we thought his trigeminal neuralgia had returned, but he has had no pain since Christmas, so that is good. Our travel companions, Pat & Patria (his mother & sister) have already booked but we didn't dare until we had travel insurance. The only crowd that looked like they would cover us, would only talk to us 6 months out of the trip, which was yesterday.

The holiday will be just under 6 weeks including 2 bus tours, one around central Europe and the other around Italy. We are suppose to be going to Cairo and am not sure what will happen there. Our travel agent Sophie, from Flight Centre, Noarlunga has been so helpful, but is out of the office til tomorrow, so have to wait til then to finally book. Hoping all the tours and flights are not fully booked out yet!! Keep you posted about plans as they finalise.

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