Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Gorgeous Girls.....

Today we headed out to visit with our baby granddaughter who turns 2 months old tomorrow. Our son was looking after her while Lani was helping her mum around at her mum's. When we got there our other son Tristan, his wife Carissa & our daughter Tamazin were all there sharing lunch. Tris & Carissa had to leave so we hung around to spend time with our girls.

Lexi has grown heaps and is very response. Tam managed to get her laughing and smiling. She really is cute. She is not a good sleeper though and only managed about a 15 minute cat nap in her cot and then probably another 15 min on the lounge before we fed her again. She was wearing the cute grow suit Tam had bought her with little owls all over it and the words 'Hoo's the cutest? (as in hoot!!) I took a lot of photo's but here are just a few!

 This is my favourite photo and I plan to have it enlarged & put into a frame for Tam for her about 2 weeks!

 Aunty Tam adores her little niece...

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