Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Floriade 2011 A Feast of the Senses...

It's a busy week as I prepare to head off to Sydney for The Deadly Awards. However, I have 2 friends down from interstate who wanted to catch up with me at Floriade yesterday. So rushed off to my cleaning job first thing, got through that a bit quicker, got changed, chucked on some make-up and rushed to town. Realised I probably didn't have much cash for the parking meter, however, thought it will have to do. When I put the money through it just kept going straight through, & I would try and keep putting it through and it wouldn't stay put....great, what am I going to do....however, it was registering that it had gone through and so I printed up the ticket, collected my money and headed into the park!!

I got in, met up with my friends and had a coffee with them before they headed home. I managed to take a few photos, buy some earrings to wear tonight to the awards before having to leave. Again I only had my camera in my phone so had to make do but for anyone who hasn't been I am sure you will get the idea of how spectacular Floriade is.....and it's free!! So if you are planning a visit to our fair city, this is the time of year to come.

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