Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lovely Linda's Layers of Color Workshop 10/9/11

Another great time was had a Lovely Linda's yesterday. Linda & her husband Ron are now the Australian suppliers for 'Layers of Color' product. It is a range that Linda has been working with, demonstrating and using in her classes and own work for sometime now, and she really does them justice. It often comes easy though when we are passionate about something, & Linda is very passionate about 'Layers of Color'.

The workshop was TAGS, and she had 6 ready for us to create. It never ceases to impress me how we can all be doing the same thing and every body's looks so different. Since we had such a lot to get through in 3 - 31/2 hrs instead of stopping half way through for afternoon tea (Linda's wonderful Pavlova, and my Mexican 7 Layer Dip, tea / coffee etc) we had it at the start. I got all but the last tag done which I just had to put together at home. Here are my tags from the workshop which I put the finishing touches on last night. They all had some special technique involved in the making of each one, but because of Linda's wonderful kits none took very long at all. Thanks Linda for a special day again.

There are so many uses for these tags. I thought the Christmas ones would actually make great decorations. You could make a card with a pocket and put a smaller one inside it, for something really special. They can be a bookmark, a simple but special gift for a friend, family, a teacher etc.


  1. Hello Deb - your tags look great - I am looking forward to seeing them as decorations - they will look great! Thanks for the SHOUT OUT for Layers of Color AUSTRALIA (woohoo) and all of your support Deb - you are a blessing!! Your 7 Layer Dip was amazing too! I will be adding photos of the Workshop to LOC AUS later today! {{{hugs}}}

  2. Woo Hoo I get to choose one of these lovlies! I've emailed you Deb - thanks to your "random generator" for choosing my name out of the hat. Made my day.

  3. My favorites are the ones with the reindeer! Awesome job1 Can't believe youhave already completed so many today.


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