Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well the last few days have seen Shaun just not doing too good. He is dizzy, nauseous, headaches, not eating, throwing up, miserable and I think a bit depressed.....& who could blame him. They had to put a drip back in today as well. Sleep is his only relief. It is so hard to watch him like be going through all this again.

Today I spoke to Dr McDowell, who was so lovely. He needed to check with me Shaun's history, all the different things we tried regarding both the trigeminal neuralgia as well as the Aterial Venus Malformation....& believe me we have tried anything we heard of all over the country. I told him that I have spoken to Dr Vinnie Khurana, who is the only person who has opened Shaun's head and seen inside, who was at Canberra Hospital but is sadly now at Royal Melbourne, whom we happily travel to see. We discussed the long term options none are very comforting. We have some very hard decisions to make once Shaun is well....rather I should say, that Shaun has to must be his decision.

Today too, I saw Shaun's head uncovered and was shocked to see his head is all stapled, when they had told us that they were to drill a small hole to put drainage you can see below, it seems a bit bigger than I had imagined!

Thank you to Shirley from the Alliance Church at Calwell where we have been attending for nearly 6 months, who came over last night, about 10pm (we got home very late) with a couple of meals for us. You have no idea how thankful we are. We continue to see God's hand on Shaun & the doctors and I thank you for your prayers. It means so much to all of us.


  1. Hi buddy, your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets! St.Kilda Backpacker

  2. oh my goodness, that is not a nice thing for you to see but Shaun is hanging in there so that is what you need to focus on and i am sure with all the prayers he will fight the good fight. Sending all my thoughts to you all and wish i could cook you something to, can you please facebook me your new address i am wanting to send something to you both. Love to you my friends... wendy

  3. Hi deb & Shaun

    We are thinking of you we had a message from Brenton this morning right as church was about to start. We were late and the only seat was behind the pastor in the front row. The message came so lent forward and told him before I knew it the whole church was in prayer. Funny how things just happen.


    John Osmond


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